Your menu is your #1 sales tool

We engineer and optimize it to maximize your profits and guest satisfaction.

How much more profitable could yours be?

Takes 3 minutes

A typical restaurant will experience at least
10% increase in profits

immediately after implementing a properly engineered menu.


Discovery Our goal is to make this as easy and simply for you and your staff.  During this stage, we are going to talk with you about what you love about your menu and what you aren’t so fond of.  We will then dig into your data, sales history, Pmixes and menu item costs (if you don’t have these, don’t worry, we can discuss options on how to acquire this data).  We will also look at the competitive landscape to get a feel of any opportunities and to understand your market position

Engineer Next we take your passion and vision, combine it with the data and our methodology to create your menu with a focus on profitability and guest satisfaction.

Implement Your menu goes live on your tables and online. We make sure your menu is on most major platforms and that it is up to date and accurate

Timeline From start to finish the process can take 1-2 weeks depending on what data is available and the final design on your menu. Some of this time will happen remotely and some may take place on location.

Restauranteur requirements We usually only need minimal involvement from you during the process. Access to the necessary data, an initial meeting, occasional discussions during the process and the final presentation.


$ 950
  • Fully engineered and optimized menu
  • Competitive analysis
  • You design and print menu
  • Money Back Guarantee


$ 2950 + travel expenses
  • Fully engineered and optimized menu
  • Premium competitive analysis
  • Template based menu design
  • Money Back Guarantee


Our price is based on a sliding scale relative to the volume of your restaurant: $1,000 plus 10% of average weekly volume and travel expenses if necessary.  This price does not include any required data creation (ie. if you don’t have current Pmixes or accurate menu item costs), fully custom menu design or menu printing.

A deposit of 50% is required to reserve your consultation.  Balance and travel expenses will be due on the first day we are on location.  All travel expenses will be pre approved by the client.  

We will not turn you down if cash flow prevents you from being to pay the entire amount at the time of service.  Talk to us and we will come up terms that will work for you and your business needs.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If our recommendations are implemented and you do not see a demonstrable increase in menu profitability, you may request a full refund.


I just updated my menu, should I wait till my next menu revision? You could, but you could be potentially missing out on $1,000’s in lost profits until your next revision.

Are you just going to raise my prices? Not at all!  Our purpose is not to raise your prices but to strategically design your menu to increase its profitability without raising prices.  There may need to be some small price modifications and if so, these will be discussed during our process.

Will the look of my menu change? Our priority is on profitability and guest satisfaction.  Menu design is used to accomplish these two goals.  If we feel that your design will do that, then we will recommend the changes that should be made to the current design. Going this route may limit what options we have for getting your menu onto some online platforms though. 

What if my customers are very price sensitive? That is not a problem.  Our goal is to optimize your menu to maximize profitability AND guest satisfaction. Depending on the design route, some customers may not even realize a change has taken place.

Our Story

Andrew Lamppa spent almost 15 years in the industry.  He grew his restaurant from doing around $250k in annual sales to 7 figures and then exited the business when he sold it to a restaurant group.  He knows the battles independent restauranteurs face because he experienced them for many years.  He was the only restauranteur ever interviewed on Forbes’s #2 rated best podcasts for entrepreneurs called Built to Sell.  You can listen to him talk about the lessons he learned while he grew and sold his business here.  Andrew has built a team of individuals from the industry that can assist when need be including creatives, consultants and certified chefs.